Daily Roundup: Victor Rat Trap – Noodlehead Sprinkler – BBQ Grill Cover – Princess Play Tent – Dollhouse Furniture – Bio Oil Scar Treatment

30 07 2010

Victor Electronic Rat Trap: Reduces Escapes

The Victor Electronic Rat Trap activates when a rat touches the metal plates inside the plastic housing, completing the circuit. The patent pending three plate design reduces escapes and provides a 90% kill rate. Kills rats in moments. A green indicator light flashes for up to 24 hours to signal that a rat is in the trap. Effective, quick kill. Easy to use, easy to bait with peanut butter. For indoor use. Requires 4 C batteries (not included). Victor Electronic Rat Trap can exterminate approximately 12 rats on one set of 4 "C" batteries (not included). We tried all kinds of traps with no luck. We bought the Victor Electronic rat trap from our local hardware store. It taked 4 c batteries and will last up to about 12 to 20 rats. In the first 24 hours we had caught 4 rats. Red light blinks for low battery. Unit size: 8.5" x 4" x 4.5 Caution: Inappropriate use may cause electrical shock or serious injury. Never use product around small children, small household pets, life support devices and combustible materials.

Noodlehead Sprinkler: Perfect Pattern

Noodlehead N111C Flexible Lawn & Garden Sprinkler. The satisfaction one receives from directing the water exactly where you want it to go is extremely gratifying and gives one a sense of achievement. It’s very satisfying to not only conserve water, but to perform the tedious job of watering in the most efficient manner possible, by putting just the right amount of water precisely where you want it! On a hot summer day children love playing in the noodlehead sprinkler. They seemed to achieve even greater pleasure by grabbing and bending one of the noodles to purposely squirt one of the other playing children. Attaches to a standard garden hose or it screws onto a riser. It’s quick, easy and fun to use. Create your own perfect pattern and adapt to any shape or garden. You control the coverage, save money and conserve water. As your garden grows, simply rebend noodlehead sprinkler to customize new watering patterns.

BBQ Grill Cover: Keeps Grill Clean

Designed to fit cart-style barbecues up to 64 inches wide, this heavy-duty cover keeps the grill clean, dry, and looking like new by reducing its exposure to outdoor elements like wind, rain, snow, dust, and dirt. Its Gardelle protective fabric system features an elegant fabric top specially treated to prevent cracking in cold weather, a water-repellent and water-resistant PVC under-coating, and a splash-guard skirt for all-over protection from top to bottom. Equipped with BBQ Grill Cover padded handles for easy fitting and removal, the unit’s click-close straps snap over the barbecue legs to keep the cover securely in place, even on windy days, while its adjustable elastic hem cord with a toggle ensures a tight, custom fit. Even more, BBQ Grill Cover helpful air vents lessen ballooning in the wind and reduce condensation inside, minimizing the chance of mold and mildew buildup. Other highlights include durable interlocking seams that add strength, a stylish appearance that fits in well with any outdoor decor, and a large zippered front pocket, which provides space for storing grilling accessories. The large-size barbecue cover measures 24 by 64 inches and carries a three-year warranty.

Princess Play Tent: Pretend Play

The Princess Pop up Castle is made of sturdy waterproof polyester, and is great for indoor or outdoor use. Its patented structure pops up and down in seconds. It easily attaches to other products in the Pop Up Co line. The Princess Play Tent from Schylling Toys is the pink and purple tent that features plastic tubes that slide together to build the frame, heavy duty polyester walls, a special tower mesh window, simple pop-up and pop-down construction. I just purchased this pop up Princess tent for my 3 year old grandaughter at her mother’s suggestion. My grandaughter loved the Princess Play Tent. She peaked through the window and loved being able to go out of the back door as well as the front. It popped open instantly and so far has stood up well.

Melissa And Doug Dollhouse Furniture: Perfect Play House

Its easy to decorate your dollhouse with the Melissa And Doug Dollhouse Furniture Set! Featuring camelback sofas and chairs, a delicate glass-front display case, a coffee table, and side table, this set includes enough pieces to completely furnish a living room! This handcrafted, wooden furniture features period details and upholstery. Pieces include working doors and drawers to add to the realism. Perfect for all 1:12 scale dollhouses. Design a dolls dream home with theMelissa And Doug Dollhouse Furniture! I bought the kitchen, living room and bedroom sets for my granddaughter (6 years old) for Christmas. The furniture looked wonderful in a older dollhouse that I was able to get for her. The doll house was built 45 years ago. I think she will have many hours of fun playing with the furniture. I also bought the family of four. She loved everything. When I took it home she didn’t want to go to bed that night. I have not had any experience with its durability as I have just purchase the item. They were a little small for my doll house.

Bio Oil Scar Treatment:

Bio-Oil includes the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil, a recreation of the preen gland oil of ducks. During preening, a duck secretes oil from its preen gland and distributes it over its entire plumage in the familiar twisted-neck action that one often associates with ducks. This oil creates a thin, non-greasy layer on the surface of the feathers without which water would not pearl off and the bird would struggle to swim. This ingredient acts as a delivery system for Bio-Oil’s other ingredients, improving spreadability and allowing for targeted absorption into the skin. Also, because oil contains no oxygen, it provides an exceptional storage environment for vitamins. Bio Oil Scar Treatment includes many beneficial skin ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, calendula oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, and chamomile oil. This mix of plant oils and vitamins has been clinically shown to be beneficial to the skin. Bio Oil Scar Treatment helps improve the appearance of all types of scars and is also highly effective in helping maintain elasticity of scar tissue on joints and other high-mobility areas, including stretch marks. Ideal for pregnant women, particularly in their second and third trimesters, Bio-Oil is the product most recommended by UK pharmacists to help reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and pregnancy stretch marks.




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