Daily Roundup: Electric Grass Trimmer – Outdoor Gas Cooker – Hickory Wood Chips – Playskool Step Ride – Hot Wheels Race Track – Hot Wheels Color Shifters

29 07 2010

Electric Grass Trimmer: Great Trimmer

If you’re in the market for a basic, entry-level electric grass trimmer to handle light trimming work around your house, the Black and Decker 9-inch grass trimmer might be worth considering. While certainly not as powerful or feature-laden as more costly models, this trimmer can handle much of the light-duty work many homeowners need. The trimmer weighs just 3.2 pounds and requires little assembly with just 2 steps. It operates off a reliable, 1.8-amp HP motor, which spins the line at 11,000 rpm. This grass trimmer features a basic bump feed line system, a generous nine-inch cutting path, and a secondary assist handle for added comfort and control. It comes with 20 feet of .065-diameter line, and spool replacement is fairly simple. One thing I found especially handy with this particular trimmer was its unique cord lock system, which holds the extension cord firmly in place while the trimmer is in use. As someone who has accidentally unplugged a electric grass trimmer halfway through a job on more than one occasion, this indeed a handy feature to have.

Outdoor Gas Cooker: Reliable Cooker

Bayou Classic Outdoor Gas Cookers are the traditional and reliable choice for outdoor cooking. They are portable and can be used for camping, rv’s, tailgating, and backyard parties. With a one-piece welded steel frame, these are the strongest outdoor gas cooker commercially made. Most units can be used with or without slide-on extension legs. Bayou Classic Cookers are designed for strength, function and safety, while remaining the most efficient outdoor gas cooker sold. I was a bit disappointed with the fact that because I was using such a large vessel (a bit wider than the unit itself) much of the escaping heat burned a lot of the black paint on the unit and emmited a not too pleasant smell for some time. I guess this is inevitable, and they probably just paint them for astetic reasons, but this is a hot flame! I also bought an extra burner (model BG10) for about $10 and a 20psi regulator kit, so if you had an extra stand or could improvise, that would be another way to go to get the same quality heat.

Hickory Wood Chips: Grilling Flavor

My Dad doesn’t have an official smoker – he has a hellified gas grill with every attachment and option known to man. And he’s good on a grill. What he didn’t have was any way to smoke anything. So for fathers day we bought him some little box with a handle called a "smoker box," various bags of flavored wood chips, and a rib rack. Maybe it was due to the chips, maybe the rib rack or maybe it was my Dad’s skill on the grill – but he DID create the best ribs he’s ever made after we gave him his gifts. I know very little about smoking – but I do know that as we were all sitting outside chatting, I could smell the hickory wood chips in the smoker box… and I’d consider buying some just to chuck in the fireplace to get that fantastic smell. My sister and I DID shop around a bit, and we discovered that Amazon actually did have better prices (as of Fathers Day of 2009) on the hickory wood chips then any of our local retailers.

Playskool Step Start Walk N Ride: Learning To Walk

Our daughter received this Playskool Step Start Walk N Ride as a gift for Christmas when she was 8 months old. It is still her favorite 2 months later! She is starting to walk on her own and this toy has been a great help to her. She doesn’t care for the car part of the toy, but the walker has been great. In reading the other reviews, I see that there have been some complaints about the attachments or design. So far, our child has not been injured or pulled anything off of this toy. It has been pretty durable. She does tip the Playskool Step Start Walk N Rideover on occasion, though. An unbalanced child can easily tip this, but it does not seem heavy enough to cause an injury and Veronica has always just gotten up and kept right on going. It is small enough to take along in our trunk and we take it with us when visiting. I think this is a great learning-to-walk toy.

Hot Wheels Race Track: Fun Race Track

This Hot Wheels Race Track has been played with ALOT since getting it. Both my three year old and 5 year old (and 40 year old) love it. They need help when the ramp comes apart if stepped on or played with roughly, but eventually they will be able to do it themselves. Unlike a million other car tracks on the market this one does not involve time for assembly nor time for looking for all the parts. In that sense it makes life so much easier for the parents! There are only 4 pieces. They click together easily. And they store neatly as one piece. I bought it for our 2 year old and he loves it. He loves to guess which car will win and understands the lanes and the numbers. His older cousins have as much fun with it as he does. The one drawback of the Hot Wheels Race Track is the stability of the support for the higher car track. It should be a little stronger. Overall, great fun, great value for money, and a great gift idea for any kid.

Hot Wheels Color Shifters: Change The Paint Job

The Hot Wheels Color Shifters play set allows you to instantly change your car’s paint job with just a squirt of water. Designed for children ages four and older, the play set comes with a special "Color Shifter" car that changes color when washed with hot or cold water. Drench it with the spray gun or dip it in one of the playset’s dunk tanks, and watch it change colors before your eyes. The Hot Wheels Color Shifters functions like a miniature water park for your Hot Wheels cars. It is constructed from sturdy, durable plastic. The car-spraying platform is grated and sits atop a basin for collecting stray water to reduce the mess from spraying the car. Still, parents should keep in mind that this is a wet toy, and it is best used for play outdoors. With all of the waterworks, this play set helps make the most of color-shifting cars. It comes with a removable spray gun, which can be used to spray the cars with bursts of water. Also included are two removable, easy-to-fill reservoirs that hold hot and cold water. Dip a Color Shifter halfway into one of the tanks to create a striped effect. Once the color shift is complete, kids can pull a lever on the side to make the car race down the winding red ramp.




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