Daily Roundup: Intex Filter Cartridge – Bug Zapper Racket – Uncle Milton Moon In My Room

25 07 2010

Intex Filter Cartridge: Pool Cleaning

We love our intex pool and while they tell you its fine to rinse and reuse the filter for a time or two…I do not recommend that. They never really get clean and work like brand new. For the price on Amazon and the fast shipping buy enough and never have to worry for the summer. I change mine weekly to maintaina sparkly pool its easy, they came packaged great and If I knew this easy to put up pool (I did get the pool very cheap at walmart though… easy as a snap to do..you just need two people)I would have bought one years ago. Fits well, installs easily, etc… A great product. however, Intex Filter Cartridge do NOT need to be replaced every week!! A standard Intex Filter Cartridge can last for 6 months, or more if maintined properly. Usually, when servicing a filter, you can take a nozzle on your hose, and thoroughly hose off the filter pleats (all of them!), and reuse the cartridge. If it’s a little grody, use a bit of chlorine bleach to clean it up.

Bug Zapper Racket: Spider Flee

Keep the bugs away from your next barbecue without resorting to unsafe insect sprays. Designed on the premise of a flyswatter, this bug zapper racket is shaped like a tennis racket and kills insects on contact via an electric current when they touch the surface of the "net." The zapper operates on two AA batteries and, for safety, activates when you simultaneously press the two buttons on its handle. The bug zapper is safe for either indoor or outdoor use; however, people should exercise caution when the zapper is activated as it will cause a shock. I purchased one of these for my father, he saw one on a visit to North Carolina…and was nothing short of fascinated. He immediately opened the package while thanking me for finding him one. After a quick search of the patio furniture a large brown spider showed up, unfortunately for him this Bug Zapper Racket worked really well! The 2 AA batteries are a snap to install, and with a quick squeeze of the two buttons the grid is activated.

Uncle Milton Moon In My Room: Lunar Landscape

Turn your room into an authentically detailed 3-D lunar landscape. After your child is all tucked in for the night, Uncle Milton Moon In My Room creates a peaceful, glowing effect for a night full of sweet dreams. Its whimsical effect is fun for adults, too! This was a Christmas gift for my 8 year old daughter who is into absolutely nothing but animals. She absolutely loves it. She turns it on every night and her and our other children go and watch it. I even watch it. It has two settings. 1. Is where it goes through the phases of the moon. I was mistaken about how this works, I thought that it went through the phases along with the moon, however, it blinks through them pretty quick. 2. The Uncle Milton Moon In My Room is just set on a single phase of the moon. I have seen them go through both of the settings, there is a small remote control that the child can set themselves. The only problem with the remote is that because of its size it can get easily misplaced, especially if your kids are like mine and would lose just about anything.




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