Consumer Information: Intex Swimming Pools – Weber Rolling Cart – Barbecue Mitt – Eyelash Conditioner – American Crew Pomade – Zeno Acne Clearing Device

18 07 2010

Intex Swimming Pools: Summer Fun

Get ready for a pool party at a minute’s notice with this Intex Swimming Pools, which measures 8 feet in diameter by 30 inches tall. It takes two people approximately 10 minutes to set up and get ready to pump full of water. The pool’s liner is supported by an inflatable top ring while the pool goes up by itself as the water level rises. The Intex Swimming Pool sidewalls are made of three separate layers of material for extra strength and durability. Two outer layers of heavy gauge PVC are laminated to an inner layer of polyester mesh for extra reinforcement–for a total thickness of 28 gauge (0.71 millimeters). It includes a convenient, easy-to-use drain plug that connects to a garden hose so that water can be drained away from the pool area. It also comes with a Intex 300 gallon-per-hour filter pump, which features a built-in debris surface skimmer and adjustable mounting bracket.

Weber Rolling Cart: Grilling Travel

I received this as a Christmas gift 4 years ago with my Q220 grill. I use it as my grilling stand on the back deck. It isn’t as sturdy as I’d like as the grill moves a little when brushing the grilling surface with a brush. The grill is "attached" to the stand with some "hooks" that catch the rear legs of the grill. Then the Weber Rolling Cart front legs set into some "pockets" on the top of the stand. If you need to move the grill, be sure to grab the stand and not one of the grill handles as you may lift the grill out of the pockets and it may slip out of the hooks and fall off the stand. The hooks and small tool storage area are nice and handy. I have a grill brush that hangs from one of the hooks all the time. I’ve used the stand while camping and it works well as long as you have level ground. Uneven or bumpy ground is difficult to use with this stand. It is very portable however, and the grill can be placed on the top in the Weber Rolling Cart folded position to use the stand as a two-wheeled dolly to transport the grill when tailgating. If I had my choice, I’d have selected the more permanent model grill stand for my Q220 as most of my grilling takes place on the back deck. If I were using it camping or tailgating, this is the perfect companion to the Q grill.

Barbecue Mitt: Keep Grilling

I bought this barbecue mitt because it was reasonably priced and made by Weber. Being a Weber fanatic, I had high hopes. But after trying to use it for the first time last night, I’m pretty disappointed. The mitt is very thick and heavy, which is great for protecting your hand from the heat. But it’s so thick and heavy that gripping things with it is tough. 1. Mitt fits comfortably all the way to your elbow (unless you’ve got really long arms) 2. Works fine at resisting heat and flames while you turn, baste and otherwise fiddle around with chunks of food on a grill 3. Aesthetically pleasing and has a ring for hanging when not in use. 4. Affordable 5. People volunteer for cooking duty if they can get a turn with the cool barbecue mitt glove. Holding onto a wide-handled spatula was doable, although not super easy. But holding onto and trying to manipulate BBQ tongs was pretty much impossible. After much frustration, I finally took the mitt off and used the tongs barehanded. I’ll probably use this mitt on occasion, but it won’t be anywhere near the number of times I had expected to use it. Kind of disappointed with this one, Weber.

Eyelash Conditioner: Eyelash Support

I was skeptical, but a bit desperate. Now in my 50’s, I have been noticing a steady decline in the number, the thickness and the length of my eye lashes, both upper and lower. And I did not like it! I did not know such a thing existed until I saw it on an end cap at the grocery store. Pricey….hmmmm….but if it works….would be so worth it. I apply eyelash conditioner the morning with my AM makeup routine making sure it is dry before I apply any another product on or near my lashes (eyeshadow, mascara, cover-up, etc.) I opted for the morning time, because a night task like that just did not work for me, even though the instructions say to do it at night. It seems it took the eyelash conditioner 4 weeks before I started to see changes I could believe were happening. My lashes are now much longer and thicker and hold the curl much better. Its like Rogaine for the eyes! I guess it is to be a life-long task for me, but the longer lashes sure do add a lot of life to the aging eye! Maybe the price will go down one day! Oh, I have not noticed any darkening on the skin near the lashes. Occasionally I get some mild burning while it dries. I "think" I felt some weird eye aching in the first week, but that has gone away. I was not sure it was from the "medicine", but chose to live with it!

American Crew Pomade: Mens Pomade

Over the years I have used lots of hair care/styling stuff over the years, from just letting it air dry to super hold gels. I had heard about American Crew Pomade from back in the day and thought it would be worth trying. I had been using Brylcream for a while but the little dab just didn’t give me as much control as I would of liked. This does a better job of providing hold with flexibility. It has a pleasant smell and rubs into you hands and then rubs right into my hair. If you don’t use too much it doesn’t give you the super slick wet look but it gives you a little shine and nice classy hold. Price wise I know it seems a little high, but you do get the two jars which should last for quite a while, of course depending on how much you use. And you don’t have the hard hat stiffness of gel, or the looseness of a cream. I have now become a very big fan of the American Crew Pomade and will continue to use it as long as I can get it here.

Zeno Acne Clearing Device: Acne Help

Zeno Acne Clearing Device is a hand-held battery-operated device designed with a tip that heats to a pre-set temperature. The biocompatible tip is designed for direct contact with a blemish on the skin. Once in contact with a blemish, the tip will transfer heat into the follicle. An internal PID controller chip continually modulates the temperature to a fixed range even under different skin and circulation conditions by adjusting the flow of energy to match precisely the heat absorption of the individual user. Zeno’s microprocessor adapts not only to your individual skin type but also to the heat absorption characteristics of the location of the pimple. Your Zeno Acne Clearing Device adapts to you! An integral digital timer controls the treatment time. The level of heat does not cause skin damage. Zeno is a handheld, portable electronic medical device that is clinically proven to make pimples disappear fast. In fact, for treating acne pimples, it’s the most scientifically advanced and effective device available without a prescription.




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