Daily Review Roundup: Garmin Bluetooth – Logitech Remote – Kodak Camera – Roku Video Player – Logitech Quickcam – Fujitsu Scansnap

25 06 2010

Garmin GPS Bluetooth: Steer Clear Of Traffic

Steer clear of traffic with an integrated Garmin GPS Bluetooth designed to receive alerts about traffic tie-ups and road construction that might lie ahead on your route. No subscriptions or additional hardware needed. Just open the box, turn it on, and get instant access to traffic information–the traffic updates are free for the life of the device. All you have to do is simply touch the screen to view traffic details and you’ll be ready to detour around any problem area. And if you end up missing a turn, or you’re forced into a detour that is not relayed through the traffic receiver, the nüvi’s sophisticated automatic routing will get you back on track in no time. In most areas, the traffic broadcasts are continuous–there’s no waiting for scheduled traffic news updates or random alerts. Because traffic broadcasts are received via a "silent" FM data channel, you can still listen to music or news programming on your car radio without interference from incoming FM traffic data transmissions.

Logitech Harmony Universal Remote : Color Touch Screen

The color touch screen and sculpted buttons, the Logitech harmony universal remote organized into logical zones with backlighting, give you easy, one-touch access to your home entertainment – even in the dark. Just one press and you’re watching a DVD or your favorite TV channel. The ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand, and because it’s rechargeable, you won’t need to worry about buying new batteries. With support for more than 5,000 brands, you can control home-entertainment devices that you own today or will buy tomorrow. Our online software guides you through setup, and our live customer support team is available if you need help. One-touch, activity-based control provides any member of the family with easy access to home entertainment. The color touch screen has buttons that "think" like you do. All you need to do is choose the activity that you want. Want to watch TV? Play a DVD? Listen to the radio? Just press a single button, and the Harmony remote will do the work for you.

Kodak Playsport Video Camera : Audacious Little Camera

Heads up, adrenaline junkies. The Kodak playsport video camera has as much appetite for adventure as you do. And it’s not afraid to get wet. This audacious little camera can plunge up to 10 ft under water and capture the entire experience in full 1080p HD. And you don’t need to worry about blurry footage when things get a little shaky. With built-in image stabilization, the KODAK PLAYSPORT will stay steady as a rock. From the waves, to the slopes, to the mud-soaked trails, this baby was made for the extremes. The KODAK PLAYSPORT Video Camera was designed with you in mind, right down to the colors it comes in. We took cues from the environment—from nature, to climate, to the adrenaline rush it provides—and transformed it into attention-grabbing colors that help you stand out from the crowd. LCD Glare Shield feature gives you two filters to choose from that help you see your subject on the display screen in reflective outdoor situations.

Roku Video Player: Watching Within Minutes

The Roku comes with everything you need to start watching within minutes of opening the box – the standard yellow, white and red cables, both Wi-Fi and Ethernet are built in, wireless remote and batteries. Start watching instantly anywhere you have a TV and a high-speed Internet connection. More than 50,000 titles are currently available from Amazon Video On Demand and Netflix, with many available in HD.  The Wall Street Journal, CNET, WIRED, and other publications have given the Roku video player overwhelmingly positive reviews. For even better audio and video using the Roku player with your HDTV, home theater or A/V receiver. You can connect the Roku player to the Internet using most broadband providers (such as a cable modem or DSL connection.) You need at least 1.2 Mbps to watch movies instantly on the Roku digital video player with decent quality. The faster your connection, the better the quality (although this rule-of-thumb peaks out at about 5mbps). Use the built-in Wi-Fi capabilities to connect to your wireless network, or use the Ethernet port for a wired connection. It’s easy either way.

Logitech Quickcam Orbit: High-clarity Video

From the ManufacturerExperience the ultimate in video-calling freedom, clarity and simplicity. Logitech quickcam orbit features motorized tracking that follows your every move, keeping you right in the middle of the picture. Enjoy sharper, smoother high-clarity video with premium Carl Zeiss optics, AutoFocus and the true 2-megaxpixel sensor. RightLight2 Technology automatically corrects for poor lighting, even dim or harsh light. The integrated premium microphone with RightSound Technology cancels background noise for crystal-clear conversations. Logitech Video Effects like animated avatars add fun to your video conversations. And with included Logitech Vid software, clear and crisp video calling is finally fast, free and easy. ideo picture? Perfect. Sound? Perfect. Lighting? Well, you get the idea. QuickCam Orbit AF gives you the ultimate in video-calling clarity and freedom. Feel free to show sis your new dance steps, and the motorized lens will follow your every move. Lean in to give mom a birthday kiss, and Autofocus keeps you looking razor-sharp.

Fujitsu Scansnap Scanner: Scanned Documents On The Fly

I bought one scanner for my office in July it worked so well that I bought another one the next month. The Fujitsu Scansnap Scanner scans are so clear and the unit straightens up any pages which may feed a little skewed. It is true in operation to what it manufacturer states concerning dropping in different size documents and it takes care of straighting and re sizing. I have put in receipts with 8.5X10 documents and 8.5X14 some front only some front and back and it knows how to treat them all straighting each and skipping blank back pages as well as picking up double sided documents. The scansnap filing system is great for filing scanned documents on the fly. I have yet to have a misfeed and I have scanned some 500 documents my coworker has scanned about 1500 and her office is much more organized. The best part it scans both front and back with one pass and it knows to ignore blank pages. However the scan ocr character recognition when scanning to word is a little tricky. The original document must be clear.




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