Monthly Reviews: Garden Products – Children’s Toys – Ty Beanie Baby Max & Ruby Set

2 05 2010

Indoor Garden Tips For Beginners

Hey there, new gardeners! This one’s for all you garden products enthusiasts that want to sow different varieties of indoor plants, both edible and the simply decorative ones too, who’d like to know simple, practical and home-grown wisdom regarding a garden that’s easy to maintain and provides for both body and soul nourishment. While some people have all the luck and also large spaces to maintain kitchen gardens, others like those living in apartments, small spaces or those bereft of a backyard can still indulge in gardening as a hobby with making the best of growing potted vegetables, herbs, floral plants and indoor greens. A good choice of flowering plants that do well even in limited areas of growth, like planter boxes and pots that have been prepped with potting soil are nasturtiums of the compact kinds such as Whirlybird and Copper Sunset. Marigolds, Iceland poppies and smaller varieties of sunflowers are other options that are sure to happy up your indoor garden area. These are short, easy to care for and not likely to take over your walls like trailing plant varieties are prone to doing! If choosing herbs for your indoor garden, even small tin-pot containers work well as long as you ensure the necessary sunlight (minimum 4 hours) and water nourishment is given them regularly; check a local nursery for pre-prepared soil-mixes as these contain the right balance of grub for indoor garden glories.

Picking the Right Toys For Your Child

Nowadays, everyone wants their children to be the smartest in the neighborhood. They spend all kinds of money on top children’s toys made by companies that claim they can make your child incredibly intelligent. Sure, that sounds like a great idea. On the other hand, you have parents complaining because their kids are growing up too fast. The world is confusing – do we want our kids to enjoy their childhoods or be more intelligent at an earlier age? Even baby toys are being geared towards mind stimulation. There are baby toys that have bright colors for mind stimulation. There are baby toys that speak different languages. Shouldn’t our kids learn their own primary language before having toys that speak multiple languages? Whatever happened to baby toys that allow babies to be babies? Some of the best toys for our babies are the ones that rattle and roll – allowing them to giggle and learn about how to make sounds and things move. One of the best things that I ever purchased for her wasn’t a baby toy, but a video. She loved the Baby Einstein videos. The music and colors kept her captivated for the entire length of the video. While I cannot say for certain that her brain was being stimulated and she was learning things, I can say that it certainly wasn’t harmful to her.

Ty Beanie Baby Max & Ruby Set: Max and Ruby Plush

My 3-year-old daughter ADORES these Ty Beanie Baby Max & Ruby Set. The "Easter Bunny" included them in her Easter basket this year, and she squealed with joy the moment she saw them! They are the perfect size for her hands, and she likes to carry them around everywhere we go. We enjoy watching the show, and these stuffed versions of Max and Ruby look just like the characters. A perfect gift set for any "Max and Ruby" fan! My toddler loves, loves, loves Max & Ruby. For X-mas I wanted to get her something from her favorite show, but found it hard to come by! When I saw this set, though, I knew she had to have it! 6 months later, she still sleeps with them and gets them together to watch their show with her! I also made her a paper frog (Max’s Froggy Friend) to put in his little overall pocket, and she got a real kick out of that! Adorable and durable, hold up better than other beanies in my opinion and have also gone through the washer a few times each with no problems!




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