Product Niche Finder: Toro 51599 Ultra Variable Speed Electric Blower Vac – Schylling Sock Monkey – Melissa & Doug See & Spell

25 04 2010

Toro 51599 Ultra Variable Speed Electric Blower Vac: Tackle Big Clean-up Jobs

Powerful and effective, the Toro 51599 Ultra Variable Speed Electric Blower Vac makes completing yard work fun and easy. With air speeds up to 235 mph, this electric blower nevertheless is lighter, quieter, and cleaner than similar gas blowers. And with a sleek, ergonomical design, it’s a tool that is easy to use and will grab your neighbors’ attention. Tackle big clean-up jobs the right way with this powerful blower vac. A variable speed 12 Amp motor lets you select from an infinite variety of speeds between 112 mph and 235 mph. This means that you can use low speeds to clear off hard surfaces and clean up tight areas without making a mess and without sacrificing the blower’s high-speed functionality. Unlike some manufacturers, who simply reduce the size of their blower nozzles to achieve higher air speed ratings without increasing the practical value of their tools, Toro gives this blower vac the ability to balance between air speed (measured in mph) and air volume (measured in cfm) to ensure maximum power and performance.

Schylling Sock Monkey: Soft Cuddly Sock Monkey

Hang out with this special Schylling Sock Monkey – which is classic, retro and cool. It is the traditional brown, with red lips and a cute hat. It measures 20" tall. This toy isn’t meant to be educational. Fun is relative to looks, not function. This is a genuine, old-fashioned sock monkey! It is cute and cuddly, and like your favorite jeans, makes you feel good. I had one of these when I was growing up! I loved giving it to my nephew, he loves it and I think it is great for all ages. Like their parents and grandparents before them, your little one can carry it everywhere. Nicer looking than a ragged security blanket, but no less effective!

Melissa & Doug See & Spell: Spelling Fun

Place the colorful wooden letters in their proper places to spell words on the cut out two-sided wooden boards. The Melissa & Doug See & Spell includes 20 playful pictures with three and four letter words to keep learning fun. Includes over 50 letters. My two and a half year old twin boys love this toy. We have owned it for a few months now and it is still a favorite. I have been surprised by both their attention span when playing with the see and spell and with the improvement in their letter recognition. It also appears to be a great introduction to some simple words. It has enough letters for them to be able to play with the toy at the same time and there are enough words for them to share. I bought this hoping to increase their interest in words and speech and it has certainly met my expectations.




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