Consumer Reports: Microwave Oven Ratings, Black Microwave Oven And Flexible Cutting Board

15 03 2010

Microwave Oven Ratings: The Top Nuker

Because I have an existing trim kit, getting a particular microwave oven size is extremely important to me. Unfortunately, Sharp microwave keeps changing its models. Fortunately, this one not only fits perfectly, but it has more features than the last one. And, it is less expensive. And, it works faster. The good: fast, attractive, lots of features, big. The bad: nothing really, except my wife wishes the buttons were slightly larger. I think microwave oven ratings are needed to know what of the few products that get better and cost less with time. Highly recommended ratings.

The thermostat on my stove died with a lukewarm casserole in the oven and dinner guests arriving. I had to transfer the potatoes, chicken and cheese into two round baking dishes and then I cooked each for 8 minutes in my new Sharp microwave. My Chicken & Potato Mexican Casserole was perfect, my dinner party was saved and I love my Sharp Carousel Microwave! Also, this is my third microwave and the first one that makes a perfect bag of popcorn – no scorch and all the kernels popped. Everything about this purchase was exceptional rating- it even arrived a day early.

Black Microwave Oven: Full Sized East Meal Preparation

With a 1-3/5-cubic-foot capacity and 1250 watts of power, this full-sized black microwave oven provides quick and easy meal preparation. The black microwave automatic 15-inch turntable ensures even heating, while its one-touch sensor cooking adjusts power levels and calculates cooking times automatically, making reheating and cooking a variety of foods easier than ever. A pulsing delivery of very low microwave power keeps food temperature at a constant level — without overcooking; the improved keep-warm menu now includes five items, so foods like stew, gravy, and desserts remain warm in the black microwave oven until they’re ready to be served.

In addition, the black microwave’s menu-action screen adds to the overall convenience. It scrolls step-by-step cooking instructions across the display in English, Spanish, or French, while the function key simplifies the programming of 10 useful, non-cooking functions. Just press the function key and the menu-action screen will display the steps necessary to complete the desired function.

Flexible Cutting Board: Plastic Chopping Boards From France

This package of flexible plastic cutting boards from MIU France protects your countertop, simplifies food safety, and stores in any narrow slot of extra kitchen space. Though the flexible cutting board are flat, they have ample surface area and can be used on either side. MIU France recommends designating the colors according to food category to prevent cross-contamination–yellow for poultry, green for produce, and red for raw meat. Once food is chopped or diced, you can pick up the flexible cutting board, curl it to contain the pieces, and transfer them cleanly to bowls or pots. Safe in the dishwasher, each board measures 11 by 15 inches.

Color coded for different food groups to minimize cross-contamination and to protect countertops. Blue for fish, red for meats, yellow for poultry, green for vegetables and white for general purposes. The flexible boards curl easily to transfer chopped food directly into the bowl, pot or pan. Each board measures 15-inches by 11-inches. Top shelf, dishwasher safe.




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