Consumer Review Information: Eva Dry Dehumidifier – Sunpentown Dehumidifier – Cheap Twin Mattress

11 03 2010

Eva Dry Dehumidifier: Technology To Provide Whisper Quiet Operation

The Eva-Dry Electric Petite Dehumidifier uses Peltier Technology which makes it light and quiet. It is perfect for bathrooms, and small to mid-sized rooms where dampness and humidity are a problem. This unit is small enough to easily fit on your desk or workbench. It extracts the moisture from the air and stores it in a spill-proof reservoir. Just plug it in and it quietly dries the air. Features an automatic shut off switch to shut the unit off when the water reservoir is full.

This Eva Dry Dehumidifier has been design to adsorb moisture from small enclosed areas. It will help protect clothes and valuables from the damaging effects of mold/mildew and moisture rot. It is 100% renewable and needs no power to operate. Just hang the eva-dry unit in a closet, or you can place it in other small enclosed spaces, and it will start to adsorb moisture. When it is completely renewed the indicator crystals will change back to blue

Once the moisture has been adsorbed it cannot leak or spill. This Eva Dry Dehumidifier uses a specialized engineered crystallized silica gel that is odorless, non-toxic and completely safe. When the indicator crystals turn pink it is time to "re-new" the unit. Simply remove the unit from where it is adsorbing moisture and plug it into a power outlet in a well ventilated area (bathroom with extraction fan, garage, outside, etc.). There is a built-in heater that will warm the crystals allowing them to expand and release the moisture as water vapor into the outside air.

Sunpentown Dehumidifier: Whisper Quiet Operation And Automatic Defrost

Easily remove excess moisture from the air with this Sunpentown Dehumidifier. The unit not only helps allergy sufferers breathe easier, it also helps prevent problems often caused by excess humidity–peeling paint, damaged wood, and mold growth. The dehumidifier uses Peltier (thermo-electric) technology, which means whisper-quiet operation with no noisy compressor, vibration, or refrigerant to deal with. Water collects in the 2-liter transparent water tank, and the unit automatically switches off when the water tank needs to be emptied.

The Sunpentown Dehumidifier is designed to remove excess moisture from your home quietly and efficiently. A necessity for those suffering from dust mite, allergies or simply for those who wants to keep their indoor humidity at a comfortable level. Air that is too damp can cause itchy skin and nasal passages, condensation on windows, water damage to materials, mold growth and rotting of wood materials in your home.

Even more, it comes equipped with UV light and TiO2 mesh, which work together to eliminate germs and bacteria. The Sunpentown Dehumidifiers compact size makes it a nice choice for in a nursery, small bedroom, closet, cupboard, or under a sink. Other highlights include "power" and "full tank" indicator lights, a life span of approximately 8,000 hours for the UV light, a washable filter, a 12-volt DC adaptor (UL listed), and a convenient carrying handle for simple transport.

Cheap Twin Mattress: Twin-sized Inflatable Bed For Spur-of-the-moment Guests

A great choice for overnight guests and slumber parties, the cheap twin mattress bed is quick and easy to inflate for spur-of-the-moment guests and deflate for storage. It features specially engineered Comfort Zone technology that promotes proper sleep support and relieves unwanted pressure, as well as Aerobed’s patent-pending Sleep-Align coil system that provides unique firmness zones in different sections of the mattress (which is backed by the Orthopedic Research Institute seal of approval).

This cheap twin mattress is specially engineered to promote proper sleep support and relieve unwanted pressure. Our patent-pending Sleep-Align coil system is backed by the Orthopedic Research Institute seal of approval and provides unique firmness zones in different sections of the mattress for the ultimate sleep comfort experience. This bed will fully inflate and deflate in less than 60 seconds with it’s exclusive flat panel profile pump system.

A removable fleece mattress cover provides additional comfort an convenience. The fully recessed pump both inflates and deflates the bed in less than 60 seconds, and the hand-held control wand puts inflation, deflation and comfort adjustment at your fingertips. The twin mattress is constructed of puncture-resistant heavy gauge PVC vinyl, and it has a plush, velvety sleep surface. It rolls up to store in an included carry bag. This Twin-sized bed inflates to a 9-inch thickness–comparable to a regular mattress.




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