Consumer Reports: Small Slow Cooker, Digital Slow Cooker And Panini Makers

9 03 2010

Panini Makers: Rustic Italian Sandwiches With Flavor

Stuff two slices of of rustic Italian bread with mozzarella, prosciutto, fresh basil, roasted red peppers, and whatever else takes your fancy, brush with olive oil, then press between the hot plates of this grill for the best panini outside Italy. The panini makers nonstick plates are hinged to adjust to any thickness of sandwich, meat, fish, or vegetables, and the bottom plate slants slightly to allow grease and juices to drain off into the included panini makers plastic cup. Brunch sandwich guests will ooh and aah over the retro-look mirror-and-glitter finish of the grill with its wide sweep of a handle.

A round polished knob lets you set and see just the right temperature in a small glass window. Measuring 14 by 12-1/2 by 5 inches, the grill maker includes a cord wrap and locks for upright storage. A comprehensive gift-quality recipe book featuring more than 60 recipes for panini, bruschetta, and spreads comes with the grill, which is covered by a limited 1-year warranty.

Small Slow Cooker: A Meal Made Just For You

This small slow cooker is a quality product, perfect for cooking for 1-3 people (smaller families, college students, etc.). I highly recommend it. It is so easy to use and fuss-free. Also, most smaller crock pots have only one setting, but this one has three (high, low, and keep warm). It has a nice glass lid and a removable ceramic crock, both of which you can clean in the dishwasher. This small slow cooker I use mine at least a few times a week, and I’m very satisfied with the purchase. It’s the perfect size for 2-3 chicken breast halves, a small pork roast or a pork tenderloin or two, a nice small pot of soup, etc. You should get enough for a meal today plus leftovers for a couple of additional small slow cooker meals.

Digital Slow Cooker: Cuisinart Scores Big For Programmable Cookers

Programmable or digital technology makes homemade meals easier than ever! This Cuisinart Slower Cooker features 24 hour programmable countdown timer, three cooking modes- and it automatically shifts to Warm when it’s done cooking! Whether preparing one-pot entrees, sides, or desserts, operation is easy. Slow cooker meals can be served in the ceramic pot they’re cooked in, and cleanup is dishwasher-quick. Designed for today’s busy lifestyles, all the work is done ahead of time. Dinnertime is as relaxing for the cook as it is for the diners.

In researching our digital slow cooker purchase and reading numerous reviews, we found that the Cuisinart digital slow cooker generally received positive evaluations. There were a few negative ones, but obviously we discounted them and went ahead with the Cuisinart anyway. Some reviewers criticized it for overheating food, but overheating in a slow cooker is usually a sign that the pot was underfilled. A good slow cooker should have the power to heat a full pot to over 200 F, so it should come as no surprise that the heater can boil a low pot. The Cuisinart instructions specifically warn against under filled pots, and we have had no overheating problems with even half-full pots.




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