Weekly Product Recommendations: Basement Dehumidifiers – Hot Tools Curling Irons – Conair Curling Irons

5 03 2010

Basement Dehumidifiers: Whisper Quiet Operation And Automatic Defrost

The first portable basement dehumidifiers on the market, weighing less than half that of other models. It has built-in wheels and a carrying handle, allowing it to be transported with little effort. With 40 pint large capacity front removable water bucket.40-pint dehumidifier with removable reservoir tank; optional continuous-drainage port. Full-bucket indicator alarm; automatic shut-off prevents overflow; washable air filter. Adjustable humidistat; whisper-quiet operation; automatic defrost.

Effortlessly remove excess moisture from the air with this energy-efficient basement dehumidifiers. Great for damp basements or any musty room of the house, the unit not only helps allergy sufferers breathe easier, it also helps prevent problems often caused by excess humidity–peeling paint, damaged wood, and mold growth. Durable rolling casters make it easy to move the lightweight dehumidifier from room to room, wherever it’s needed most.

The basement dehumidifier quietly removes up to 40 pints of water from the air every 24 hours. When the water bucket has filled to capacity, the unit will automatically shut off and the "bucket full" indicator will light up. Water can be automatically emptied by attaching a standard garden hose (not included) to the continuous drainage port on the side of the dehumidifier. This will allow the unit to run continuously without having to empty the water bucket. The dehumidifier also provides a push-button electronic control panel.

Hot Tools Curling Irons: Barrel Temperature Remains Constant Curl After Curl

Hot Tools curling irons electronics sensor in iron’s barrel detects heat loss and signals heating system to boost iron’s heat. Constant heat – Barrel temperature remains constant curl after curl, allowing stylist to work quickly while attaining consistent results. Ready to use in 60 seconds. And the iron continues to build heat even if it is used before selected temperature is reached. 10 variable heat settings – Built-in rheostat control provides 10 settings from low, for fine or chemically treated hair, to high for thick, coarse hair.

Hot Tools Curling Irons offers far infrared and gentle ceramic heating to preserve hair moisture, reduce frizz and prevent hair damage, this iron will deliver high style. Reaches a temperature up to 428 degrees F for the most stubborn hair types, but separate on/off switches and variable heat settings allow the built-in Rheostat to memorize your favorite heat settings. Plus, this curling iron features incredible comfortable control – a soft grip spring handle with spring clamp and extra long thumb grip make using this tool easy.

Superior mica heating system – Mica heater covers entire inner surface of barrel to distribute heat faster and more evenly than conventional irons. A steel bar connects the barrel to the handle providing a more secure construction and prevents handle from bending under pressure applied during use. This ceramic curling iron from Hot Tools with a 1 inch barrel has great features to rival more expensive irons.

Conair Curling Irons: You’ll Have Bouncing Curls To Impress Within Minutes

Welcome to the world of Eurostyling, where Conair Curling Irons heat up in less than a minute, where you can choose between 15 different temperature settings for any hair type, and where, if left unattended, your curling iron automatically turns off. Conair’s 3/4-inch curling iron is ideal for creating those tight-to-medium curls. Featuring dual voltage settings, the iron lets you select either standard North American 125-volt or 250-volt foreign electricity operation, so you can use your Eurocurler when you’re in Europe.

Conair Curling Irons combines micro particles of tourmaline ceramic and silver for a unique fusion that emits frizz-reducing natural ions and creates shiny, healthy-looking hair. Includes free protective heat shield for safe and easy storage. Emits natural ions to help eliminate frizz and infrared energy protects hair’s natural luster. Even heat with no damaging hot spots.

Its sure-grip handle has a patented design for greater control and precision, and the electronic on/off touch pad is easy to use. If you forget to turn off the curler, the Conair Curling Iron will automatically shut itself off. With a 45-second heat-up time and a flashing indicator light that lets you know when you can start styling, you’ll have bouncing curls to impress within minutes. And with a two-year limited warranty, you’ll be curling for years to come.




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