Consumer Review Information: Platform Bird Feeders – Droll Yankee Bird Feeders – Full Size Air Mattress

26 02 2010

Platform Bird Feeders: Invite The Cheerful Song And Beauty Of Birds Into The Backyard

Invite the cheerful song and beauty of birds into the backyard with this covered platform bird feeders from Duncraft. Designed to accommodate birds of all sizes, the feeder discourages bushy-tailed visitors with its Squirrel Blocker screen system. Adaptable for hanging or post-mounted display, the bird feeder provides nourishment for birds all through the year. Duncraft constructed the platform feeder entirely in metal for durability in all weathers, while prohibiting chewing from squirrels or other mammals.

To keep squirrels out of the birdseed, the platform bird feeders uses two grids and mesh screen to provide beak access only. The feeder holds up to 1 pound of sunflower seeds in its tray. The overhead metal roof protects birdfeed from excessive rain exposure. Small holes in the feeder base allow ample drainage to further discourage mold and mildew from developing. To clean the feeder, users can take the platform apart without difficulty.

This platform feeder will feed your birds – not squirrels. All sizes of birds are welcome due to easy, open access to the food. Simply fill this feeder until the bottom grid rests on top of the seed. Squirrels are foiled by the two Squirrel-Blocker grids but birds feed easily. The Champion is an all metal feeder – every piece is completely chew proof. Holds about 1 lb of sunflower seed. Can be hung or post-mounted. Built-in post mount fits any 1" diameter post. Excellent drainage.

Droll Yankee Bird Feeders: This Posigrip Ring System Has Been Specifically Designed To Attract Cardinals

Droll Yankee Bird Feeders with Removable Cardinal Ring This posigrip ring system has been specifically designed to attract cardinals. These perennial favorites have two very distinct features: small necks and big feet. They prefer gripping a thicktextured perch and facing their food source directly. Cardinals dislike turning their heads to feed. The Squirrel Buster Plus Cardinal Ring perch system allows them to eat facing the seed while providing a secure and comfortable perch.

These Droll Yankee Bird Feeders are cardinal friendly feeding features combined with a bush level location make Squirrel Buster Plus very inviting to cardinals. The seed ports close automatically when a squirrel climbs onto the feeder. Birdwatch America’s Best New Product Award. Wild bird feeder with 6 feeding stations, adjustable perches, and optional cardinal perch ring. Green powder-coated aluminum; reservoir made of UV-stabilized polycarbonate plastic.

Unique seed ventilation system; easy to disassemble for cleaning; 6-inch hanger included. Offering a 3-quart seed capacity; adjustable spring mechanism closes seed ports to deter squirrels. Patented Seed Tube Ventilation System in Squirrel Buster Mini permits humidity and hot air to escape through vents at the top of the feeder.

Full Size Air Mattress: Welcome Guests To Your Home With A Luxurious Night’s Sleep

Welcome guests to your home with a luxurious night’s sleep, thanks to the full size air mattress, which inflates to the same height as a regular mattress. This bed measures 80 by 60 by 22 inches when fully inflated. It has an integrated 120-volt AC pump for quick inflation and deflation–it inflates in just 90 seconds–and a unique underside design that grips the floor and keeps the air mattress from sliding about.

The full size air mattress has a flocked-top keeps bedding in place, with flex coil construction for sleeping in stable and firm positions. It includes a nylon carry bag with shoulder straps. It’s backed by a one-year warranty. Once considered the uncomfortable and inconvenient option for visiting house guests, the Wenzel ‘ultimate insta-bed’ provides the most innovative and viable temporary bedding solution. This bed automatically unfolds and inflates itself.

The powerful built-in electric pump system inflates and deflates the entire bed in just a few minutes, and includes a wheeled storage case for convenience. And best of all, the airbed mattress is remarkably easy to inflate thanks to the built-in, high-powered electric pump, which does its job in a mere 3-1/2 minutes. No more fussing with tiring hand or foot pumps or rummaging through the garage for your detached electric pump. And should the air mattress feel a little too soft or firm, you can customize the comfort level.




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