Product Ratings: Stainless Steel Can Opener, Kitchenaid Cooktop And 30 Inch Gas Cooktop

11 02 2010

Stainless Steel Can Opener: Kitchen Tool That Gets It Done

This can stainless steel can opener is just one of the high-quality Profi Plus tools WMF makes for every conceivable kitchen task. Capable of slitting the tops off cans, prying the lids off jars, and popping the tops off bottles, the opener is heavy, sturdy, and comfortable in the hand. It’s contemporary European in style, measures 9 inches long and has a heavy-duty hanging loop on the end of each handle. The stainless steel can opener is made of satin-finish, 18/10 stainless steel, with a cylindrical handle and tough plastic turning knob that fits the fingers for maximum leverage and ease of use. Seamless construction ensures cleaning ease. This tool is dishwasher-safe, durable, and a joy to use for serious cooks and novices alike.

There are more positive attributes of the WMF Profi Plus Stainless Steel Can Opener such as its brushed stainless steel surface which is rich and contemporary looking. Its simple, sealed design is hygienic as well. There are not a lot of unnecessary crevices where food and bacteria can get trapped as with other can openers. My husband, who normally doesn’t pay much attention to kitchen utensils, was gushing about how well this can opener works and how beautiful it looks.

Kitchenaid Cooktop: Price and Performance Meet

Anyway, about the Kitchenaid cooktop, its a very good buy. The price and performance is very satisfactory. As this is one of the two models [ that I know of ] that provides 5 burners in the 30 in range, [ the other is a Bosch ] I did a lot of research and looked in stores b4 buying. I chose this because of the depth of the burners. My previous Kitchenaid Cooktop gas had shallow base, and my pans /food would get burnt quickly. This is very good in that way. The burner outputs are very good, and the stove is very easy to clean and maintain. My only concern is that the installers said that I should watch out for boil overs and spills, since its an electronic ignition, and if the spills get in the unit, I have to call for service. Fortunately so far, I’ve been careful. But I have only had it for 2 months.

30 Gas Cooktop: Who Does It Right?

We just updated our kitchen and went from electric to this 30 gas cooktop. I really like the compact nature of this cooktop and the addition of a fifth burner. It heats anything very quickly. Maybe that’s my problem — many things I cook need to heat up, then simmer/braise at a lower temperature. Even the lower temperatures aren’t low enough.. Example, I’ve tried to make rice several times since we’ve had this (since Christmas). It boils quickly, but when I reduce to the lowest possible simmer, it still overflows the pot. There has to be a solution for this – a simmer plate or something – but if they have that — why wouldn’t it be included in the package? I like the 30 gas cooktop overall, but I really have to be careful with the heat. My split pea soup was on "low" and didn’t stop boiling until I turned the gas off.




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