Consumer Reports: Best Cheesecake, Coffee Burr Grinder And Under Counter Can Opener

9 02 2010

Best Cheesecake: Flavor Filled Dessert

While the cheesecake shipping fee was a little more than I expected, (I’m living in Switzerland and sent them to my friend living in Boston) it is really worth it, as here is what the recipient of the mini cheesecakes had to say! "Thank you so much for my wonderful Christmas present! It was nothingIi had ever imagined it might be (I was thinking along the lines of perhaps a small Christmas pudding or bottle of wine!) So original! How did you think of such a unique idea? I will enjoy them to the extreme!"

Also want to say many thanks to Steve at best cheesecake city for being extremely accommodating with the shipping, when the cheesecakes didn’t make it to my friend the first time round! Steve agreed to re-ship and just charge me the shipping fee the second time around. Thanks Steve! These are the same as our 8 and 10-inch cheesecakes, only in a fun new size! Each mini cheesecake weighs 5 oz, and is a perfect individual serving. (1) each of White Chocolate, Pecan Truffle, Cappuccino, Toasted Almond Raspberry, Kahlua, New York Style. NOTE: Flavors in the assortment may vary depending on availability.

Coffee Burr Grinder: The Way To Grind Coffee Beans

Beautifully designed, this conical burr coffee grinder features adjustable settings for various grind options. Choose from ultra-fine for Turkish coffee or large and coarse for percolators. The settings offer consistently shaped grinds and even extraction, which is the key to producing flavorful coffee. In addition, the unit’s metal conical burrs preserve more natural bean flavor than blade drivers due to the slower grind nature. The Coffee Burr Grinder comes equipped with a removable bean hopper that holds 1/2 pound of coffee beans, and its stainless-steel/polymer base offers start and stop control, as well as an on/off switch. Other highlights include a variable timer with 10 to 30 seconds of grind time, anti-static technology, and a removable burr for convenient cleaning. The conical burr grinder measures 5-1/4 by 7 by 11-1/4 inches.

The Breville conical burr coffee grinder has anti-static technology. It’s has a stainless steel/polymer base with start and stop control, as well as a on/off switch. It has a removable bean hopper that hold 1/2 pounds of coffee beans. Ultra fine to coarse adjustable settings. Beautifully designed. I bought this grinder as a replacement for a previous burr grinder that was dying a slow, painful death. I now wish that I had put the poor old grinder out of its misery much earlier! This Breville unit is a vast improvement over every grinder I’ve used before.

Under Counter Can Opener: Automatic Opening Works

Keep everyday kitchen tools on hand with this multi-purpose under counter can opener. The unit features a power-pierce cutter for opening a variety of cans effortlessly–no more tiresome twisting with a manual opener. It also supplies a bag cutter for opening plastic containers and metal-lined bags, a bottle opener for popping the top off soda and beer bottles, and a knife sharpener for keeping cutting tools in good working order. The under counter can opener automatic shut-off function offers peace of mind, while its cord storage and swing-open door provides a sleek, clean look when not in use. Best of all, the appliance can be easily installed under a cabinet to make more room on the countertop for food prep and other tasks.

Revolutionizing a classic favorite. The new Spacemaker under counter can opener is designed to please the traditional Spacemaker users: sturdiness, performance but most of all, plenty of usable counter space. Practical features such as knife sharpener and bottle opener combined with sleek design make this can opener a perfect addition to the Spacemaker collection.




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