Monthly Product Reviews: Lasko Fan – Hot Tools Hair Dryer – Wall Unit Air Conditioner

4 02 2010

Lasko Fan: Oscillating High Velocity Blower

Enjoy the power of a 20-inch Lasko Fan high-velocity floor fan–but in a tall space-saving streamlined design–with this sleek-looking blower fan. The unit nicely compliments almost any decor, and it comes equipped with an ultra-quiet motor, which makes it a nice choice for in a bedroom or office. Even more, it features top-mounted controls for convenient operation. Choose from low, medium, or high speed settings for cooling relief in the hot summer months or for effective air circulation all year long.

You can control it from your favorite spot with the convenient remote control, which features three cooling speeds and infrared technology. The Lasko Fan tilted head also allows for directional cooling, and the strong motor operates with a quiet performance. Best of all, this fan’s ionizer and dust/pollen filter can provide relief from allergies.

The fan also offers optional widespread oscillation with a simple push of the button. Other highlights include directional louvers to direct air flow where it’s needed most, a stable base, and an easy-grip carrying handle for effortless transport from room to room. Shipped fully assembled and ready to use, the UL-listed blower fan measures approximately 12 by 9 by 30 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty.

Hot Tools Hair Dryer: Ionic Feature To Reduce Frizz

Hot Tools Hair Dryer has a faster drying and increased moisture absorption – negative ions break apart water droplets so they can be dried faster or absorbed by hair. Hair cuticles are smoother, more light-reflective, shinier, and frizz is eliminated. Patented Direct Ion maximizes the benefits of ion drying by injecting a high volume of ions into the airstream, depositing them directly onto the hair.

New Hot Tools Hair Dryer anti-static ionic technology increases your hair’s softness and shine. Helps reduce "fly away" hair. Folding handle for travel convenience. New anti-static ionic hair dryer dries your hair faster. Negative ions reduce the size of water droplets on your hair, allowing more water to be absorbed. This helps condition, soften, and make your hair shiner while adding volume.

Has a quiet fan design, 1875 watts, cool shot button, 2 heat / speed settings, LED ionic switch, and hang loop. Here’s how quiet the dryer is: Hot Tools Hair Dryer tone is no louder than your office (much easier to carry on a conversation). Not only does the watt styler let you dry in comfort with its new quiet fan design – its speed drying diffuser helps it work faster by drying the top and lower layers of hair at the same time, aerating the roots with turbo action. How ions work to keep hair shiny and healthy.

Wall Unit Air Conditioner: 6,000 BTU Cooling Capacity

With a complete line of room air conditioners, wall unit air conditioner, portable air conditioners and dehumidifiers, Frigidaire technology is hard at work to enhance the comfort of your home. Offering a broad range of ENERGY STAR models and features like single-touch electronic controls, full-function remotes that double as thermostats, portable air conditioners that heat as well as cool and dehumidifies that operate in low temperatures, Frigidaire Home Comfort products are designed to provide you with easy-to-use, quiet, efficient and reliable service.

The wall unit air conditioner features clean air filtration that provides relief for increasing numbers of allergy and respiratory ailment sufferers. Negative ion generators and electrostatic filter elements are used for air cleaning performance that is substantially higher than conventional filter methods. This Frigidaire FAA065P7A Energy Star Rated Air Conditioner has a 6,000 BTU cooling capacity. It is perfect for small rooms or rooms where supplemental cooling is needed (Up to 216 Square Feet) It features an EER of 10.7. The Variable Speed Fan and 8-Way Air Direction along with Electronic Controls with Full Function Remote makes it very easy to operate.

For those with Allergy problems, the Ionizer/Electrostatic Clean Air Filtration ensures a Clean Airflow and with LVC Technology (Low Voltage Compensation), proper operation of the unit is assured when voltage fluctuates below normal levels. Installing the wall unit air conditioner unit is made easy with the Pleated Quick Mount Window Mounting Kit and Filter cleaning is a snap with the Tilt-Out Filter Access Feature.




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