Best Product Searches: Home Water Purifier, Stovetop Percolator And The Best Microwave Oven

4 02 2010

Home Water Purifier: Watts Premier Reverse Osmosis Water System

This home water purifier high-production 50-gallon-per-day membrane, the Watts home water Purifier Premier 5-stage manifold reverse osmosis water treatment system offers a continuous supply of water for the whole family. State-of-the-art technology makes this one-piece water purifier manifold design easy to install and maintain. This system provides a seamless water path, effectively eliminating 17 connections. With a high production membrane, it separates purified water from the rejected impurities down to 1/10,000 of a micron. The five-micron sediment filter reduces dirt, sand, and rust. The carbon block filter reduces chlorine, taste, and odors. This home water purifier chrome wave faucet features front push button dispensing. NSF and California certified, this reverse osmosis system lets users rest assured their drinking water is clean and safe. This five-stage system comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Stovetop Percolator: Strong And Black Coffee

Stovetop percolated coffee is an acquired taste, but for those who like it strong and black, this stovetop coffee pot is the way to go. The percolator’s polished stainless steel exterior and stepped base give it a vintage look and its brewing methods are strictly old school; however, its construction is completely up to date. Water pours into the bottom of the pot and the pump tube with the filter basket goes in next. Coffee drinkers add their grinds to the filter basket and then place the cover over the basket. Once the lid is tightly secured, the stovetop percolator can be put on a gas or electric heat source for brewing. When the water boils, it travels up the pump tube and through the grounds and the familiar sloshing of brown liquid in the lid’s transparent plastic knob signifies that percolation has begun. After about 5 to 7 minutes of percolating, coffee is ready for drinking. This pot brews about 4 to 8 cups of coffee and a handy water level indicator etched into the side ensures that brewers add the appropriate amount of water for their grinds. For safety, the plastic handle stays cool over a hot burner and the spout provides dripless pouring.

Best Microwave Oven: Stainless Steel Sharp Microwave

I am usually really nervous when making purchases over $75, so I did alot of research on best microwave ovens when my old one was taking 7 minutes to boil a cup of water. I found that Sharp has a good reputation for customer service. (Thankfully, I haven’t had to find this out on my own.) So I decided to stick with Sharp. I also decided that a decent microwave oven for home use should cost no more than $100. (Free super-saver shipping on heavy and/or bulky purchases is a no-brainer!) Models with too many functions (ex: cooking whole turkeys) were just not necessary because most households rarely use advanced features. Personally, I throw a slice of pizza in there and pop it on for 1 minute, I don’t even check the heat settings. If a best microwave oven takes too long to decipher the setting codes, doesn’t that defeat the purpose? This Sharp microwave oven model has just enough features so you’re not overwhelmed, in the event advanced settings are required.




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