Consumer Chocolate Reports: Chocolate Cups, Cadbury Chocolate And Baking Chocolate

2 02 2010

Chocolate Cups: Chocolate Shot Glass Fun

Bring on the chocolate cups! Serve your most tempting shots in a delectable chocolate shot glass for extra appeal. Chocolate shooters or cups are sure to delight and impress your guests, time after time. Perfectly packaged and ready for action, these adorable dark Belgian chocolate shot cups are the perfect way to bring your next party or event to a whole new level or enhance your next night in. If you can stand to share, add them to your bar menu or incorporate them into your desserts and prepare for sweet results. In stock and ready to ship. Features: 12 perfectly shaped, completely edible cup glasses. Made of delicious dark Belgian chocolate. Ideal for cordials and chocolate shooters.

Have your shots and eat them too! These bite-size edible shot glasses are a wonderful way to serve itty-bitty desserts and liqueur. Perfectly portioned to hold one ounce, each cup is lined with delicious chocolate cups! Shot glass shape is modeled after an ice cream cone and the crispy wafer shell enhances the taste and texture of whatever you’re serving inside. Whether you’re enjoying puddings, fruit, ice cream, mousse or your favorite booze, everyone loves a tasty treat from an edible shooter. Great for kids and even better for adults! In stock and ready to ship. Features: Crispy bite-size wafer cone with a chocolate lining. Only 20 calories per cup. Completely edible shot glass. Great for desserts and liqueurs. Makes a unique treat for bars, restaurants, special occasions, and corporate events.

Cadbury Chocolate: A British Import Of Chocolate Heaven

I have a good friend who lives in Britain, so THAT is how I found out about Cadbury Chocolate Flakes, she sent me a bunch of them and I got seriously hooked! However, packages kept costing over $50 to send! So I saw these and decided to try it. The packaging is NOT from Britain, it’s in a whole ‘nuther language, so I opened it and tried it anyways and I PROMISE you, I compared the TRUE Cadbury Chocolate flake to this one and there really wasn’t too much difference in taste, you’ll find that most chocolate will taste like it may have melted a bit somewhere along the way, UNLESS you pay about $30 extra to send it overnight in a cold package (trust me, I do that often with chocolates from CT to TX) I would (and am again) purchase this chocolate, it’s still better than (one of my faves) Hershey chocolates and beats the Cadbury Chocolate products we have here. Maybe it’s the texture, but it’s pretty good PLUS I save an extra $50 just by ordering it from here.

Baking Chocolate: Baker Inspires Your Dessert Baking

Baker’s Unsweetened Baking Chocolate Squares, one of Baker’s five flavors of chocolate baking squares, are great for making cookies, fudge, cakes, frosting, brownies and a whole lot more. Baker’s Squares are the top-selling chocolate baking squares nationwide because they consistently deliver great taste and are the best melting squares available. For over 225 years, Baker’s Chocolate has inspired professional and amateur bakers alike with its line of baking chocolates. Because these squares are unsweetened, they are perfect for brownie making, and Baker’s famous one-bowl recipe is right on the back of the box.

I love the unsweetened baking chocolate because you can control the amount of sugar that goes into your baked goods and/or candy. I usually use a third to a half less sugar in everything I make because I love really dark chocolate, 70-85% imported bars are my favorite. But they are too expensive to use for baking or making, let’s say, chocolate covered raisins, or peppermint bark, etc. where you use a lot of chocolate, so the Baker’s is a great choice. It saves a lot of money and is a good tasting chocolate. Once in awhile Amazon runs a special on it.




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