Review Roundups Include A Sunbeam Stand Mixer, Farberware Percolators And A Waring Juicer

21 01 2010

Sunbeam Stand Mixer: A Mixer That Stands The Test Of Time

I refused to pay $300.00 for a stand mixer, and am glad to have found this one! The Sunbeam glass bowls are very roomy and the height of the mixer allows ample room to work. The assortment of Sunbeam Stand Mixer beaters should allow everyone to mix away ! The 350 watts of power helped blend a peanut butter cookie which can become thick. I found clean up quite easy with the glass bowls and the shape of the beaters, not alot of crevices for sticking.

After hard thought, I just bought this to replace a Sunbeam Stand Mixer 2366 purchased a couple of years ago, which looks identical except for the size of the motor. My Sunbeam Mixer 2366 became unusable as a stand machine because I was too rough trying to attach the Sunbeam mixer to the stand and broke the rather fragile plastic thingies in the stand that supported the attachment lever (so I’ll be more careful with the new one). If I’d paid $500, I would be deeply disgruntled.

Sunbeam Mixmaster Stand Mixer features a powerful 350 watt motor with 12 variable speeds for unsurpassed mixing versatility. Sunbeam Stand Mixer soft start technology starts the motor slowly to prevent splatter. The Sunbeam Mixer ergonomically designed soft grip handle provides both maximum comfort and control. Off-center mixing allows you to add ingredients while you mix and requires less scraping saving you time. This Sunbeam mixer features 2 glass bowls, chrome beaters, whisks and dough hooks.

Farberware Percolators: Trouble Free Coffee Maker

Few things say "American kitchen" better than the sound of percolating coffee. The Farberware Millenium percolator is an attractive, heavyweight stainless-steel addition to any kitchen, providing fast and trouble-free coffee making–and that classic percolated coffee flavor. Leave it out on the counter, or put it away. The short cord is detachable, so you can bring the pot to the table to serve. While the Farberware Percolators pot is plugged in, however, it maintains the coffee at a "Keep Warm" temperature.

Time was when nearly everyone made coffee in a percolator. Rediscover the strong flavor of percolated coffee with this classic model from Farberware Percolators. Water is repeatedly circulated through the grounds while the Farberware Percolator is on, you control the coffee’s strength by adjusting the brewing time. I’ve happilly enjoyed Farberware’s larger 20-cup electric percolator that is still brewing some wonderful coffee after 10 years. All I had to replace was the electric cord, which petered out after 3 years.

Waring Juicer: A Juicer That Can Tackle Large Sized Citrus

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty juicer to whip up your morning glass of tangerine-grapefruit juice, look no further. This Waring Juicer is a solidly built juicer that you’ll want to leave on the counter all the time–and it’s heavy enough that you’ll want to give it a permanent, accessible spot. Slower than some juicers, it’s consistent and powerful, squeezing every last drop of juice from even a large grapefruit. The majority of the pulp collects in the reamer basket–add as much as you like! The Waring Juicer spout pours directly into most tumblers up to 12 ounces, and by adjusting the reamer, you can make the operating switch convenient for left- or right-handed users.

I have used the Waring Juicer for the past 6 months. I juice on average 10 oranges each day. I can state without reservation that this is a good looking, well made, powerful juicer. How good is it? I have purchased 2 additional PCJ218 juicers as gifts. Do I know what I’m talking about? I design machinery for a living. Rarely do I find consumer products to be worthy of praise. This Waring Juicer is a real gem at a reasonable price.




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