Reviews Today Include Breville Toasters, Russell Hobbs Toasters And A Cuisinart Popcorn Maker

18 01 2010

Breville Toaster: Top Of Line Import From Sweden

Breville Toaster Ikon two slice electronic toaster has a premium brushed stainless steel exterior. It also has extra wide and deep self centering toasting slots. This item has many features including electronic browning control dial, removable crumb tray and a tidy cord storage. It looks good and importantly toasts well. Unlike many cheaper toasters that use a silly thermostat (thermocouple) system to decide when the toast is done, this toaster uses an actual timer (electronic). That means it will toast the same in a year as it does now. Thermostats used in cheaper toasters degrade over time until they’re effectively useless. The only issue with this Breville toaster is it tends to toast the upper portion of the slice more than the lower portion. If not for that minor issue, I’d give it five stars.

If your partner likes their bagel lightly toasted, and you like yours golden brown, you can both get what you want without any guesswork. This Breville toaster surpassed any toaster I have ever used, even the top of the line import for Sweden. It isn’t one of those toasters you need to pop down two times for thick bread. It has a lighted dial and it WORKS GREAT! Everything I have tried in the Breville line has been quality and worth every penny.

Russell Hobbs Toaster: Toast Crispy On Outside, Moist Inside

Russell Hobbs has developed the Toastec System which crisps bread rapidly on the outside, while keeping it moist on the inside. This involves little shutters at the top of the bread guides which block the escape of heated air, accelerating the browning and decreasing the amount of energy used. There is a control for each pair of toaster slots so you can enjoy breakfast with a friend and each of you gets the exact shade of brownness you like. Additionally this toaster includes an ingenious bun warming rack. It sits atop the toaster and its legs hold the shutters of the toasting slots open so that hot air is allowed to rise and heat your croissants, buns and so on.

The Russell Hobbs toaster is large and takes up more space than its 34-year-old predecessor, but I knew that in advance. It is not fast, but neither was the old one. It is not nearly as complicated as it sounded. The "bells and whistles" we baby boomers are not accustomed to on this toaster are very easy to manipulate. No high tech skill needed. I have only had the Russell Hobbs toaster a week, but I love it already. So far I have done thicker bread, extra-long slices, small ones which could actually be done 8 at a time because of extra-long slots, and bun warming using the top rack. The removable Russell Hobbs top rack is present, a real delight, because it was shown in the country store catalog, but not the Amazon photo. I managed to fit 3 hamburg buns on the rack and they were nicely warm in a couple of minutes, still soft inside. It is necessary to experiment a bit with toasting levels, for there is a rather large option range.

Cuisinart Popcorn Maker: Movie Theater Like Popcorn

Enjoy fresh, homemade popcorn in less than five minutes with this simple-to-use popcorn maker. The unit’s motorized stirring mechanism ensures better popping, while its brazed heating element delivers unlimited popping cycles. A 1/2-cup of kernels and 1 tablespoon of oil yield up to 10 cups of fresh popcorn. Offering a healthy alternative to microwave popcorn, the unit allows for choosing the type and amount of oil and salt desired. Other Cuisinart Popcorn Maker details include special vents in the popping bowl, which let moisture escape to keep popcorn crisp, and a removable nonstick cooking plate with cool-touch handles for safe transport. The bowl, bowl cover, stirring stick, and popping plate remove easily for quick cleanup by hand or in the dishwasher.

The Cuisinart EasyPop Popcorn Maker puts the crunch back into homemade popcorn! Special vents in the popping bowl let moisture escape to keep popcorn crisp. Pops up to 10 cups in under 5 minutes, and keeps it healthier by letting you decide the type and amount of oil and salt you want. Operation is simple and cleanup is dishwasher-easy, so enjoy popcorn plain, buttered, tangy cheese or caramel anytime you want it, with Cuisinart.




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