Reviews Today Include Compact Microwaves, Small Microwaves and Emerson Microwave Ovens

13 01 2010

Compact Microwave Oven: Experience A Mini Microwave

The Compact Carousel Sharp Microwave features Auto-Touch controls that are precise and easy to use. Short Cuts are a feature that make melting, softening and warming quick and simple!  This countertop microwave also features digital display (accurate and easy to read) defrost (thaws meats and poultry quickly by weight) and 4 cook options, which ensure perfectly cooked popular foods for 1 or 2 servings. Six reheat options make it especially easy to heat frequently served foods including beverages, pizza, rolls, and muffins. This compact microwave oven also pops popcorn automatically, for perfect results with all types of microwave popcorn! Minute Plus sets the oven at high with a single touch. Available in Black and White.  Discover the many compact conveniences of this innovative microwave by Sharp!

Small Microwave Oven: A Little Guy That Gets It Done

This small Sharp microwave oven, with 1 c.f. of total capacity and about 0.8 c.f. of usable capacity (according to Consumer Reports), is a great performer. It heats food quickly and for the most part evenly. The turntable turns automatically and alternates between clockwise and counterclosewise turns. There’s a lightbulb inside that lights up when you open the door or when the small microwave is operating. The small microwave oven heat output is rated at 1100W, which is usually the power assumed by most microwave heating instructions on food packages – a great convenience.

There was a story I read a few years ago that looked into small microwave oven safety, and Sharp came out ahead. So I feel confidend that this microwave oven, assembled in Thailand, should also be one of the safest. Of course, you should keep at least 7 inches away from the oven when its magnetron is generating small microwaves, just to be totally safe. One guy complained about the "loud" door; yes, but it’s designed to be safe. I’d never trade safety for a flimsy, "easier" door.  

Emerson Microwave Oven: The Little Red Microwave That Could

I previously had a 1300 watt panasonic microwave that was larger than this one. It went bad and I decided I wanted a red one. I came across this Emerson Microwave Oven one on sale at Target and wasn’t sure I wanted it because it was quite a bit smaller than my old one and less powerful. But I liked the way it looked and went ahead and bought it, and I’m so glad I did. I love everything about this microwave. Emerson Microwave Oven put a lot of thought into how the buttons work. I love the one-touch buttons. Just press the "1" and you get one minute; you don’t have to press the start button. If you want an extra 30 seconds, just press the start button. I can’t say enough about this product. And the Emerson smaller size works just fine for me. I don’t really notice that it’s less powerful than my old one, except maybe when I’m making popcorn.




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