Daily Reviews: Presto Popcorn Popper – Fire Pit Screen – Lasko Heaters

10 01 2010

Presto Popcorn Popper: Crispy Popcorn In Minutes

Ideal for everything from a healthy mid-day snack to a delicious treat during movie night with friends, the Presto Popcorn Popper prepares hot, crispy popcorn in minutes. Simply add one full scoop, using the included measuring cup, place a large-size bowl (not included) under the spout, and turn it on. The unit leaves behind virtually no unpopped kernels, and its angled see-through chute does a good job of directing popped corn into the bowl.

Because it works with hot air instead of oil, there’s not the high fat or oil content to worry about. That said, there’s no reason the popcorn can’t be doctored up with seasoned salt, brewer’s yeast, spritzes of soy sauce, or other toppings, including the classic favorite of salt and melted butter. In fact, the measuring cup, which sits in the lid, doubles as a butter melter.

Just add the desired amount of butter or margarine (the heat from the popping process will gently melt it) and drizzle over the popped popcorn.With its easy-to-clean design and small footprint

Mesh Wire Fire Pit Screen

Great for burning wood, charcoal, and artificial logs, heavy duty steel construction on this fire bowl ensures optimal corrosion resistance and durability. A full 360-degree view of fire lets you circle the chairs for everyone to enjoy the flicker and crackle and warmth of the cozy open flame. A fine wire mesh spark screen protects clothing and outdoor furniture. A heavy duty log grate supports plenty of logs, and a handy fire tool makes it easy to stoke.

Its steel base and legs are painted black with high temperature paint to withstand the heat exposure for years to come. A fine wire mesh spark screen with handle makes adding logs a snap. The pit measures 29 inches in diameter and is 24 inches high mounted on its stand. For burning wood, charcoal and artificial logs. 360 degree view of fire. Features a fine wire fire pit screen and ift-off spark screen. Includes log grate and fiire tool. The ornate cast iron base is painted black.

Lasko Heaters with Adjustable Thermostat

Perfect for those chilly days in the home or at the office, the Lasko Heaters features easy manual controls, three settings, and an adjustable thermostat for personalized comfort. Wait for the heater to warm up before turning the thermostat knob from low to high. The second control knob allows for selecting a 1500-watt high setting (5118 BTUs), a 900-watt low setting (3070 BTUs), and a fan-only option, which produces general, no-heat air circulation.

Other highlights include a self-regulating ceramic element, quiet operation, and automatic overheat protection for safety. The unit’s smaller size ensures effective, consistent heating without getting in the way, while its convenient carrying handle makes it simple to transport from the floor to the table or room to room.

The heater grill can be cleaned with the vacuum brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner, which will remove lint and dirt from the inside of the heater. Clean the body of the heater with a soft cloth as needed.




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