Finding The Right Floor Steam Cleaner

8 01 2010

The Haan Steam Cleaner sanitizes every area of your home. It eliminates dust mites and other allergens. This Hann Steam Mop is excellent for cleaning showers, mirrors and sinks. Lightweight, portable and easy to use steam cleaner. No chemicals are needed and its environmentally safe. Variable steam control allows user to control steam for the task at hand.

Haan FS20 Plus 800-Watt Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer with Deluxe Sanitizing Tray has an edge over the competition by offering steam that comes out of the bottom and front of the machine. With its ability to clean both hard surface flooring and carpets with steam you can effectively kill bacteria without using potentially damaging and harmful chemicals. The larger than average cleaning width will help you get the job done faster and the washable pads and no chemicals needed saves you money over most other cleaning methods.

The compact structure and curved reclining handle is very handy and efficient. The Hann steam mob can easily reach into difficult corners and under furniture. The sliding control on the front of monster floor allows you to select from 4 different levels of steam. Select the lowest level when cleaning delicate cushioned vinyl flooring, or laminated floors. Use the medium settings for hard floors, and the highest setting for carpets or if the floor is heavily soiled. Whichever setting you use the superheated dry steam at 130°C will sanitise as well as clean.




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